Protection of personal data

When you order something from us, you do not want to be scooped. No uninvited guests who see what you order. Or even worse: those who run away with your personal data. You're right. We wouldn't want that either. That is why we do everything we can to keep your private data really private. Exactly as we promised the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP).

Whiskey and stores your personal data in a secure database. And they stay there too. We do not pass your information on to third parties for commercial purposes. Promised. To make your purchases as smooth as possible, we first need information from you.

What do we want to know about you?

First and last name
You say "Hey" to your friends on the street. Right?

Address and place of residence
The sender simply needs this. With the right address they deliver your order super fast.

Telephone number
We will gladly contact you as soon as possible about your order. We will make a call if something is unclear. Sometimes we call afterwards to ask if everything went well. That saves us a sleepless night.

Payment details
To be able to pay for your order, we use a secure payment environment (SSL). When you pay, your data is stored in our administration to link the payment to your order. Furthermore, we only use your bank account number when you receive a refund from us. Promised.
When you pay with a credit card, we send your credit card details directly from our secure environment to the provider. They make our credit card payments. Hereby we do not get to see your credit card details, the provider only tells us if your payment was successful. Or not.

IP address
In the store we recognize you by your beautiful eyes, on the internet we look at your IP address. We remember your preferences and provide appropriate advice. By remembering your IP address, we immediately ensure that no one else uses your "My Whiskey and account"

E-mail address
You will receive an e-mail about your order, invoice and the products that you purchase from us. We will email you our response when you let us know your opinion. And you will also receive offers and newsletters by e-mail. If you give permission for this and if it makes you happy. Would you rather not receive newsletters and offers? Then you can unsubscribe for this with the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

We also use your data for the following:

Customer service
You can email, twitter or facebook with us. To ensure that your story does not have to be told twice, we remember it. Okay, okay: with the help of a note, because we are secretly human. To make our service a little better every day, we analyze all contact moments. We learn a lot from this.

Your personal details are stored in your ‘My Whiskey and account’. Name, delivery and billing address, date of birth, telephone number and login details. Handy, you don't have to enter this information every time. We also store information about your previous orders. Then we can help you faster.

You can sign up for various newsletters. General and personal. For the content of personal newsletters, we check what you have ordered and which shops you have visited. Then we know about what you like. Would you rather not receive newsletters anymore? Then you can unsubscribe for this with the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

You can help other customers with your review. By sharing your experiences, you give others an even better picture of a product or service. We keep track of which reviews you write and your reviews are also in your "My Whiskey and account".

Maybe it could actually be much better. We use your data to check whether the mission was successful. We sometimes approach you for a customer survey, a place in our customer test panel or we ask you to become a fan of Whiskey and We also want to know how a complaint was handled and what you think of our newsletter. That is why we collect customer behavior. That way we can analyze your reading behavior and create content that fits your needs. We do this by registering unique visits, with all the activities that take place within them. Think of viewing pages, zooming in on something or clicking on links. Of course we always treat your data properly. Sometimes another person carries out these checks for us. He therefore adheres to the privacy rules.

Do you know the stories of lottery winners who never show up? Right. Of course you leave your name and e-mail address if you participate in a Whiskey and promotion. You will then hear from us whether you have won. We also use this data to analyze our actions. That way they become even more fun every time.

Tailored advice
You already read it: we are happy to make you happy. That is why we would like to get to know you well. When you visit our store, like us on Facebook, or order something from us, we remember what you need. We do the search and help you with great offers, for example by e-mail. We also use your data to improve our sites. And to show useful advertisements on Facebook and Twitter, for example. It has indeed to do with cookies. See our separate page about the operation of these "cookies"

Fraud prevention
We prefer to trust everything and everyone. But that's a bit stupid. Sometimes we have to use customer data to investigate, prevent and combat fraud. And if you really get suspicious, we have to pass your details on to government agencies. We prefer not to do so, then we will keep it fun.

And last but not least
Do you want to view your personal details? Or do you want to change or delete data from our system? No problem. You can do this yourself via your "My Whiskey and account". Or you let us know by mail or e-mail. O yes, please note: if you have placed an order, it is not possible to change the name on the invoice afterwards. Just so you know.

Please contact us

We are not here right now. Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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